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Looking for a perfect gift? Buy Fudge, Brittle, Coconut Ice and Gift Boxes online.


[li]Award winning nut brittles and gluten free Fudges and Coconut Ice handmade on the premises from old-fashioned recipes.[/li]
[li]Wide range of lollies, all of the Australian favourites and many international treats.[/li]
[li]A wonderful variety of local hand made produces, jams, wild honey, olives, oils and condiments.[/li]
[li] Coffee, hot chocolate, milkshakes and gourmet ice cream.[/li]

Famous fudge… hand made the old fashioned way!

Our famous Kangaroo Valley Fudge, coconut ice and brittle range is completely handmade, almost every day, to the same old-fashioned recipes that were used when the Fudge House first opened over 25 years ago!

With the exception of the Maple Syrup in our Maple Walnut Fudge, we only used high quality Australian ingredients and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. You can TASTE the passion!

That’s why we say it is: Famous fudge… hand made the old fashioned way!


Gourmet Ice Cream, lollies, hot and cold drinks, local produce and much more

[four_fifth_last]Over 20 flavours of gourmet Norgen Vaaz ice cream , and a range of So Delicious ice creams which are Gluten, Dairy and Soy free and vegan.

A huge range of lollies!!! From the old fashioned favourites (remember the Cobbers, Sherbet Fountains, Choo Choo bars and boiled sweets from your childhood) to all of the new lollies from around the world, there is even Dutch Licorice, Kiwi Chocolate Fish and Tilleys too!

Our $5 Lolly Bags have quite a following of their own, stuffed with a range of lollies and a FREE gift -they are sure to get a smile (and a few hours of quiet!)

We also have a range of cold drinks from amazing Iced Coffees with Norgen Vaaz ice cream to Dr Pepper, American Coke, L&P, local Juices and Mineral Water to fantastic Milk Shakes served right in icy old fashioned metal milkshake cups!

We only serve the best Verona coffee, roasted here in Southern NSW by Italian brothers Paul and Marco. Verona, a small family business, hand pick their premium beans and the result is the best from the bean… and fantastic coffee![/four_fifth_last]