Want lollies?

$5 Fudge House Lolly Bags

Surprise them with an individual bag of joy…. filled with lollies and a free bonus in every bag!

Family Favourites Pack $15

A pack filled with something for the whole family!

Australian Black Licorice Twists 150g
New Zealand Jersey Caramels 100g
Australian False Teeth 100g
Australian Satin Boiled Candy 100g
Australian Coconut Roughs 150g
Sour Karate Belts/Straps 6 pcs
Warhead Sour Drops x 4
Mega Zombie Sour Chews x 2
Fruca Chew Sticks x 4

Chocoholics Pack $15

Sure to please the sweetest tooth!

Australian Chocolate Hokey Pokey Honeycomb 200g
Australian Caramel Buds 100g
Australian White Chocolate Raspberry Bullets 100g
Australian Monster Milk Chocolate Speckles 5 pcs
Australian Chocolate Black Licorice Bullets 100g
Australian White Chocolate Speckles 100g

Gluten Free Goodies $15

The perfect sweet treat for your gluten free friends!

GF Monster Mallows 8 pcs
GF Watermelon Slices 100g
GF Hand Made Hokey Pokey Honeycomb 100g
GF Wacky Gum Tape 15g
GF Party Mix Lollies 100g
GF Gummy Bears 100g
GF Heart Pops x 2
GF Sour Ears 100g

Retro Party Pack $15

Here’s one filled with childhood memories!

Australian Musk Sticks 150g
Rocket Roll x 2
Australian Red or Green Frogs 100g
Australian Eucalyptus & Honey Drops 100g
Australian Strawberries & Cream 100g
Australian Jelly Beans 100g
Australian Choo Choo Bar
UK Sherbet Fountain
Australian Barley Sugars 100g
Australian Red Skin/Milko x 2
NZ Spaceman Sticks

Bribe The Kids Pack $15

This is one for those little monsters… and the big ones too!

Australian Rosy Apples Boiled Candy 100g
Australian Freckles/Speckles 100g
2 x Sour Karate Belts/Straps 6 pcs
Sour Storm Clouds 100g
Gummy Bears GF 100g
Fruca Chew Sticks x 8
Zappo Sour Chews
Wicked Fizz Chews x 5
Chups Chup Lollipops x 4